[Cartoweb-users] Howto highlight points on map based on results returned from sql database

Max Ueda mhanzo at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 13:54:21 EST 2006


I have the same problem as described above. I can
retrieve the informations and recenter with the
coordinates returned from my database (located in
another machine), but I can't draw the point in the

I've developed a recentering plugin, similar to the
one used as example found here:


Thus, I created a class inside the main file, using
the code mr. Alexandre posted:

class ClientPointDraw extends ClientOutline{

     public function setPointsCoords($pointsCoords) {
         $shapes = array();
         foreach ($pointsCoords as $point) {
             $shape = new StyledShape;
             $shape->shape = $point;
             $shapes[] = $shape;
         $this->outlineState->shapes = $shapes;

The main class, makes the call of this function, and
although there is no sign of error (the recentering is
done normally), it doesn't draw anything. 

The main class: 

class ClientRecenterLatLong extends ClientPlugin 
         implements GuiProvider, FilterProvider {
//Declarations, functions, etc.
public makeSearchNome($searchStringNome) {

//after retrieving all the values from the file.tpl 
elseif (!empty($searchStringNome)){
  $latLon =$this->makeSearchNome($searchStringNome);
    $eastNorthing =                     
    //calling the function that would draw the point


What is wrong with the code? Why doesn't it draw the
recentered point?

Thanks in advance,

Max H. Ueda

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