[Cartoweb-users] Configuration for a Cartoweb server

thierrygonon thierrygonon at mac.com
Sun Oct 8 12:42:26 EDT 2006

Hello everybody,

I'm about to start a web server using Cartoweb for a small community...
The base is an archaeological survey we're doing in Egypt right now. 
Some people who are involved in this project are always in Egypt, in 
Cairo (the place where will be the mapserver) and others are mainly in 
France, but needs to work with our geo-datas. The total number of 
persons working on this project (and who will connect to the server...) 
are about 10, so not a lot. The total quantity of datas is about 52 GB, 
mainly satellite scenes (Spot V, for about 45 GB), and some ancient maps 
(7 GB).
People working through the server will mainly work with vector datas (we 
can evaluate the quantity to 1 GB).
Our data are actually stored in a GRASS GIS, under Mac OS X, with a 
Postgres database associated.

Our questions are the following :
- what should be the size and type of installation we need ?
-in detail : size of hard disks, architecture (RAID 3 or other ??), kind 
of processor, bandwidth of the server and all this kind of things, such 
as operating system...

Thank you very much for your answer

Thierry Gonon

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