[Cartoweb-users] Problems : Edit toolbar an different scale on PDF

Yves Jacolin yjacolin at free.fr
Thu Oct 19 04:19:46 EDT 2006

Bonjour Laurent ;-)

Check the cartoclient.tpl template of the demoEdit project. You have to add 
this :
  {if $edit_allowed|default:''}<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{r 
type=css plugin=edit}edit.css{/r}" />{/if}

and :

        <div id="folder4" class="folder">
        {if $edit_active|default:''}
          {include file="../plugins/edit/templates/edit.tpl"}
and finaly :

      <div id="toolbar">
        {include file="toolbar.tpl" group=1 header=1}
        {include file="toolbar.tpl" group=2}
        <br />
        {if $edit_allowed|default:'' && $edit_layer_selected}
          {include file="toolbar.tpl" group=3}
          <input type="checkbox" id="snapping" name="edit_snapping" 
onclick='mainmap.snap("map")' {if $edit_snapping|
          <img src="{r type=gfx plugin=edit}edit_snap.gif{/r}" title="{t}Allow 
vertex snapping{/t}" alt="{t}Allow vertex snapping{/t}"><br />

Don't forget to clean the cache.

About the pdfExport problem, I get this a few monthes ago. Check the size of 
the map in the pdf output, is it the same ratio ?


Le Jeudi 19 Octobre 2006 09:51, Laurent Jégou a écrit :
> Hello, i'm building a test installation of CartoWeb, for teaching an
> demonstration purposes, and i'm blocked on two issues.
> First, the edit tools don't appear on the toolbar, the edit plugin only
> makes available the selecton/modification tools. It seems to be a
> template problem, but i can't find the solution.
> Second, the scale of the mainmap object of the generated PDF is lightly
> different (greater) from the cartoweb map. I've tested the exportPDF.ini
> configurations of the demos, but with no change.
> The test is accessible at :
> http://www.geotests.net/cwvn/htdocs/vietnam.php
> Thanks for any help :-)
> Laurent
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Yves Jacolin

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