[Cartoweb-users] problem in PDF

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Mon Sep 4 02:59:30 EDT 2006

Hi all,
I can't print a text file in my pdf. At the moment in my pdf, I print the
map some images and the result of query. I was requested to print in the
last page a piece of plain text of 30 rows ( regarding the building whose
info are displayed). Well, the problem consists on the displayed text is
spread so much, so I can see, in the last page, only the title and the first
row. Between the title and the first row there are a number of blank rows.
It seems that the in the pdf transform among every rows the pdf engine add a
lot of carriage return. 
I've saved the text in unicode, ms-dos format, rtf , but nothing to do.I've
added \n in every rows but the result is the same.
any idea ?

thanks and best regards
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