[Cartoweb-users] cartoweb for linux

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Sep 4 05:02:56 EDT 2006

the c:\wamp\proj seems to be an old setting that was tried for the 3.2, when we envisaged to be able to put proj in another place than the default one. This was removed from the 3.3. 

remove all path references to proj from your configuration files (where you previously had PROJ_LIB=C:\wamp\proj\nad, totally remove this)

and do a cw3setup.php --clean and a ?reset_session to be sure everything is cleaned


  Oliver Christen a écrit : 
    did you try putting proj in c:\proj\ ?
    thats the default path and as far as i know th only working one
  Thanks for your help,
  Now i've tried to copy c:\wamp\proj to c:\proj :
  i've set proj_lib to c:\proj\nad
  for the other path, set on the path variable, i don't know how they are set :
  so i can't change them, except manually on desktop icon.
  so i've shutdown  and restart wamp, it still doesnt work.

  Why does cartoweb use the c:\wamp\proj installation,  if only c:\proj may work ?

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