[Cartoweb-users] integration into a website

guillaume champlong goutosig at yahoo.fr
Mon Sep 11 08:57:36 EDT 2006

hi all,
  I am trying to install my cartoweb project into a website with Ajax,  but my map is not displayed : I have the tools, the coordinates, etc,  but instead of the map, it's only written "Loading message" but it  stops there, the map never comes.
  here's my code :
  <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
  function affiche_carte(paramDepart, paramArrivee ) {
  var aleatoire ;
  aleatoire=Math.random() ;
  ajax =  new Ajax.Updater(
           'letrajet',        // DIV id must be declared before the method was called
           {                // options
              mondoc = document.getElementById('letrajet'); 
              mondoc.innerHTML = "Recherche en cours...";
              mondoc.style.visibility = 'visible';   
  My test.php page is something like:
  echo file.getContent('path/to/my_project.php?param1=X&param2=Y&param3=Z');
  any idea?
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