[Cartoweb-users] user environment variable and map reference

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed Apr 11 05:27:56 EDT 2007

the current user can be retrieved with :

      $sm = SecurityManager::getInstance();
      $username = $sm->getUser();

for the current map reference, what do you need?
you mean a reference to the filename of the image generated ?
as far as I know the filename is generated dynamicaly using the time at the 
moment of creation.

$pluginImage = $this->cartoclient->getPluginManager()->getPlugin('image');
$imagepath = $pluginImage->getImagesResult()->mainmap->path;
if you only need the filename, simply add something like this:
$filename = basename($imagepath);

if you only need the bbox, you can get it with :
$pluginLocation = 
$bbox = $pluginLocation->getLocation();

if you want the whole map stats you can try to store the last map result 
(this is a complex object containing the whole session state for the current 
map state)
$mapResult = StructHandler::deepClone($this->cartoclient->


> Hi,
> I need you kind help about these items:
> which is the environment variable, which can be used in a new plugIn where
> the name of the  user is stored ?
> I need a reference for the current map I see, in order to save it in a 
> local
> directory of the server.
> is there anybody who can help me?
> thanks in advance and best regards .
> Giu
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