[Cartoweb-users] RE: Cartoweb-users Digest, Vol 24, Issue 22

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed Apr 18 04:38:22 EDT 2007

at first sight it looks ok, but we only see the beginning and the rest is 
cut because of the alert box.
so we will have to change a bit the debugging.

do you have the FireFox web developer addon ? if no, install it now:

then in AjaxHandler.js
remove alert(response.responseText);
and write:
xGetElementById('debugbox').innerHTML = '<pre>' + response.responseText + 

and in your cartoclient.tpl, add near the footer:
<div id="debugbox"></div>

make a cw3setup.php --clean so the template change is taken into account

try again the search, then, using the web developer toolbar, choose the View 
Source->View Generated Source and have a look at the content of the <div 
id="debugbox"> element. Now we should see the complet response message.

copy it and sent it to me


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OK, so after clearing the cache and restarting Apache (wamp), I got a
message. Unfortunately, no ways that I could copy it so I did a
printscreen and it is in the joined file.

Hope it will help.


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