[Cartoweb-users] Problem ini file parsing and question about switches

Dirk Jesko ml.dje at geocontent.de
Wed Apr 18 10:45:45 EDT 2007

Thanks. That's an option I did not think of yet. Before I test it, two 

1. Do users have to login again when they switch between projects? This 
would possibly be a problem.

2. Are the session data (annotations, current extent, ...) kept when 
switching between projects? I guess not.


Oliver Christen wrote:
> as far I as know how the childrenswitching system work, it switchs 
> layers (or layerGroups), not mapfiles
> if only generate one mapfile, but give the layers an additional id 
> corresponding to a selected switch
> after discussing a bit with one of my colleague, the only way you have 
> is to "duplicate" your projects and set in each a different mapfile
> then you can use the project switcher menu to change easily from one 
> to another
> see the "Choose project" menu in http://www.cartoweb.org/demos/client.php
> name it "Choose mapfile" and the users wont notice they effectively 
> change of project
> to make things easier, one can certainly imagine to have the file of 
> the projects "copies" to simply use symbolic links to the original 
> project, with just the few different files in hard, like layers.ini 
> and the mapfile
> or use a automated deploying/copying script to generate the project 
> copies easily
> regards
> Oliver
>> Hello Oliver,
>> thanks. That worked. Maybe, you could help me with the other question 
>> that I wrote in the original post?
>> "I am still looking for a possibility to handle more than 200 layers 
>> in one project. Since an extended plugin and recompiling mapserver 
>> are (currently) not an option, I thought about using children 
>> switching. Therefore, I divided the layers into two groups with less 
>> than 200 layers each and assigned a switch to each group. The map 
>> files for the switches are generated, but each file contains all 
>> layers. Based on the documentation I thought that the mapfiles 
>> generated for one switch would only contain the necessary layers. Am 
>> I doing something wrong? Is it possible at all to handle that many 
>> layers using children switching?"
>> Thanks very much,
>> Dirk

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