[Cartoweb-users] HELP: DIRECTORIES

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed Apr 25 06:50:18 EDT 2007

Hi Andreas

a plugin is structured like that:

|__client (all client side .php files)
|__common (only needed if you have a server part (mostly))
|    |__css (.css file)
|    |__js (.js files)
|    |__gfx (image files)
|__server  (all server side .php files)
|__templates (all .tpl files)

in your case, CustomLayers.php,ClientProjectToolTips.php go in 


> Hi List!
> I am busy settleing my plugin directories.
> Where do the  .php files reside anyway?
> e.g CustomLayers.php,ClientProjectToolTips.php
> Best regards,
> Andreas Mtota
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