[Cartoweb-users] Little bug in query and table plugin

Bruno Friedmann bruno at ioda-net.ch
Sat Dec 1 05:30:01 EST 2007

Bruno Friedmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> We implement layer to query, and have put the noRowId = true in query.ini (server & client conf)
> When we ask the first time a object on one layer, everything is fine.
> On the next call (query another object) we got a trouble :
> If the object is on a new layer (not previsiously show in result) the id col appear on the table of the first object
> and the second table is ok with noid cols ...
> The most funny is that if we call the exportCvs plugin with table showing id col, is correctly exported without the id.
> Have somebody a way to debug this ?
> Any ideas are welcome ....

Is there anyone encoutering this trouble ? Am I alone lost with this bug galaxy ;-)
Could someone tell me if with the demoCW3 or demoPlugin with noRowId he obtain the same misfunction ?

More information : CW3 is 3.3.0 version, perharps this have been corrected in cw3.4, I couldn't test it here for the moment.

Could it be possible to debug this (see what & when table is recall by the ajax query ? )
A test (phpunit or other would be greatly appreciated)
Any clue or indice are welcomed ?

Have a nice day


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