[Cartoweb-users] trouble with new smarty template/ DHTML API

karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
Tue Dec 4 03:16:28 EST 2007

Hi All,

I'm working on a new smarty template for my cartoweb project. Map and
leftbar show up, however the main map and its containing div don't line up:
 The map is unintentionally offset by 15px from the left and 69px down. In
Firebug I can see that there is a tag
<div id="map_rootLayer" class="layer" style="position: absolute; width:
700px; height: 500px; clip: rect(0px, 700px, 500px, 0px); left: 15px; top:
69px;"> that contains this unwanted off set but it seems that it somehow is
attributed by cartoweb dynamically.


I found this (uncomplete div) in the main.tpl of my project:

  <div id="map" class="map"

{* nothing here, DHTML API will run with the given class name *}


I couldn't figure out how to change the left and top offset (totally get rid
of the offset), neither figure out where to find the DHTML API nor what it

Any insights/explanation on what's going on here and how I can fix it?



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