[Cartoweb-users] RE: Ajax call "Updating GUI for pluginBboxHistory" never ending when using new smarty template

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Dec 4 04:15:19 EST 2007

well, hidding the button mean you are loading a plugin for nothing since the user wont be able to use the bboxHistory functionality.
why would you do that ?

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  Ok I finally found an element {$bboxHistoryForm} that seems to be responsible for this. I added it to the map and got the history buttons on my template. I there away of hiding them or another option to avoid that endless loop ?



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  Subject: Ajax call "Updating GUI for plugin BboxHistory" never ending when using new smarty template


  Hi I created a new smarty template for my ajaxable project  and get the following call below - that results in a never ending loop (when Updating GUI for plugin BboxHistory is displayed in JSTrace debugger). I am wondering whether I am missing any elements in my template that can cause this?




  Calling AjaxPlugins.Common.onBeforeAjaxCall()
  Initiating AJAX request
  Pending actions: 1
  GET params:
  POST params:
  posted=1&js_folder_idx=1&selection_type=&selection_coords=&features=&project=ocla&fake_reset=&fake_query=&outline_label_text=Your label&openNodes=1-1,1-2,1-3-1,1-3-2,1-3-3,1-3,1-4-1,1-4-2,1-4,1-5,1-6-1,1-6-2,1-6-3,1-6-4,1-6-5,1-6-6,1-6-7,1-6,1-7-1,1-7-2,1-7-3,1-7-4,1-7-5,1-7-6,1-7-7,1-7,1-8-1,1-8-2,1-8,1-9-1,1-9-2,1-9,1-10-1,1-10-2,1-10-3,1-10-4,1-10,1-11-1,1-11-2,1-11-3,1-11&outline_mask=no&shortcut_doit=0&recenter_x=&recenter_y=&id_recenter_ids=&search_name=&search_config=countries&search_sort_column=&search_sort_direction=asc&search_number=&search_page=&query_layerid[]=counties&query_layerid[]=people_in_institutions_per_tract&query_layerid[]=non_english_per_tract&shortcut_id=-1&
  Waiting for response...
  Response received!
  Plugins that gave response: bboxHistory search cartoMessages 

  Updating GUI for plugin BboxHistory




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