[Cartoweb-users] using edit_filter with view for edit_table

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at camptocamp.com
Fri Feb 2 10:42:17 EST 2007


I'm sorry but the "edit_filter" you probably found in the demoEdit 
project has no effect. It is never taken into account in the edit plugin.
This would be a great enhancement. It was considered at first and 
proposed with this never used parameter. Though, no customer ask for it, 
so it has not been implemented.

I don't have any workaround to do this.



Vid Bijelic wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having problems with selecting the proper records for editing. In 
> my layer I am selecting records for display using view:
> DATA "the_geom FROM (select the_geom,uid,... from mytable_view where 
> tablecolumn = 'zoops') AS foo USING UNIQUE uid USING srid=100000"
> The above returns proper records from view using where clause, but I 
> am having trouble setting up the where clause for edit.  I am using 
> the same view in metadata edit (I will create rules on this view in 
> order to update values in the proper tables).
> "edit_table" "mytable_view" # PostGIS table
> "edit_geometry_column" "the_geom" # PostGIS geometry column
> "edit_geometry_type" "point" # PostGIS geometry type
> "edit_srid" "100000"
> "edit_attributes" "uid,editcolumn|string" # list of the editable
> "edit_filter" "tablecolumn = 'zoops'" # mapserver filter
> When I use edit_sel tool, it returns all the records in the select 
> bbox, meaning that edit_filter have not been applied (I have confirmed 
> that edit_filter is not applied by crashing the query and examining 
> the error message)
> I have also tried using CLASSITEM "tablecolumn" and EXPRESSION /zoops/ 
> but that didn't make any difference.
> Thanks,
> Vid
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