[Cartoweb-users] retrieve map coordinates with query tool

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Feb 8 01:42:49 EST 2007

Hi Valerio,

yes, each query return the coordinate of the point or selection on the map.
you can retrieve the data from the handleHttpPostRequest ( or filterPostRequest, depending what you want to do with the values)
the variable name is "selection_coords"

for exemple, in handleHttpPostRequest :

if (isset($request['selection_coords']) {
    $this->coordinates = $request['selection_coords'];

or in filterPostRequest :

if ($request->getValue('selection_coords') && !empty($request->getValue('selection_coords'))) {
    this->coordinates = $request->getValue('selection_coords');

the coordinates are a string like this 'x,y' for point or 'xmin,ymin;xmax,ymax;...' for box

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  is it possible to retrieve map coordinates where user clicked with query tool?

  Thanks in advance


  Valerio Noti
  valerionoti at yahoo.it


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