[Cartoweb-users] Can someone explain the use of 'children switching'

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Feb 13 03:46:39 EST 2007

Hi Steven

the order of the layers you see in the legend tree is defined by the order of the layers name in the layers.ini file.
there is a tutorial for this -> http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/HowToCreateALayerTree

the order of the layers being displayed in the main map (image displayed) depend of the order in the mapfile. The first layers defined in the mapfile is the bottom layer (usualy the background) then the other layers are piled over it and the final map image generated. See the mapfile documentation for more info.

Children switching is a special feature allowing to define for a given layer several groups of children layers, for exemple, for a building you may have, for each floor, a layer for rooms, one for doors and another for stairs. I this case the "switch" will represent the floor, so when changing floor, the rooms, doors and stairs layers will change as well. This is not used often.

Finally there is also a plugin, layer reoder, that allow you to change the order dynamically from the web interface. Its not used ofen either.
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  Hi all,

  Basically I want to reorder my layers in the legend...
  I have set up a cartoweb config with only 2 layers,
  for now my ortho appears above a vector layers (at least that's
  what I think). How can I reorder this ? I've looked at the
  documentation and it mentioned the use of 'switching children '.
  Is this what I need to use to define the order of appearence in legend/map ?
  How is this controlled in cartoweb ?

  Thanks for helping out !



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