[Cartoweb-users] recenter_scale parameter

Max Ueda mhanzo at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 26 09:32:27 EST 2007


I'd like to know which plugins and configuration
values deal with the recenter_scale parameter.

I'm having some problems in setting it via
filterPostRequest(). When I call
$request->setValue('recenter_scale', someValue), it
seems to be overwritten by something that is loaded
after the plugin that makes this call.

The funny thing is, that at the very same plugin, in
the filterGetRequest(),
$request->setValue('recenter_scale', someValue) works
as it is called, with no overwriting. 

I'm loading this list of plugin at client side:
outline,  views, mapOverlay,  checkInstall,
recenterLatLong (custom, deals with recenter_scale),
exampleRecentering (custom, deals with
recenter_scale),  ToolTips, OutlineStationLayerBuild
(custom, Outline plugin extension).

At server side, hilight, mapOverlay, wmsBrowser,
outline, ToolTips. 

None of the two custom plugins that deals with
recenter_scale seem to work with
$request->setValue('recenter_scale', someValue) when
using the filterPostRequest() method. 

What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Max Ueda

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