[Cartoweb-users] Edit plugin MULTILINESTRING ERROR

Broun Uganda tekuganda at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 1 22:17:35 EDT 2007

Hi all,May some one advise me what the error is in this case. Every time i move a line in my edit i get this error below. why does it return a linestring instead of a multilinestring? The geometry constranint is that it should return a multiline string or null but why does it return a linestring?UPDATE public.links SET the_geom = GeometryFromText('LINESTRING(493630.4177779367 1995850.7688888889,493350.18066688 1995824.71352007)', -1) , id = '53', year = '1978', material = 'Ceramic', condition = 'Fair', diameter = '255', from_node = '18', to_node = '17' WHERE gid = 43 [nativecode=ERROR:  new row for relation "links" violates check constraint "enforce_geotype_the_geom"]Broun Uganda
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