[Cartoweb-users] changing scales do not update list of editablelayers in EDIT folder (edit plugin)

Igor Evdokimov igev at mail.ru
Fri Jul 6 10:11:33 EDT 2007

Hi, Oliver!

> ok, then replace the ClientEdit's renderForm function by the one I  
> joined to this email.
> I have added a few debug notice so we know whats going on.
> Simply replace it in you file and let me know what debug you see on  
> screen after changing scale.

I've done it.

The result - when map starts it writes many lines with "debug:..":

debug: starting edit renderform
debug: updating layer state: root
debug: layer root not instanceof Layer
debug: updating layer state: backgr
debug: layer backgr not instanceof Layer
debug: updating layer state: world_rasters
debug: layer world_rasters not instanceof Layer
debug: updating layer state: world
debug: layer world not in layer list

After that any changes on map (scale, move, turning layers on and off
- does not add any string with "debug" to screen.

I've started this project in CW 3.2.0, without AJAX. When upgrading  
to 3.3.0
I've added some needed strings to project files, and changed in some  
cartoclient.tpl to my needs. Maybe I've done something wrong with  

I think I must try to test this in original "demoEdit" project.

Best regards, Igor.

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