[Cartoweb-users] raster images: Not rendering correctly

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Jul 23 04:33:36 EDT 2007


The keymap image is not generated automaticaly. You need to manualy create a small image. Simply setting some width & height value in the mafile will not resize the image.
As for background image, if you dont get an error message, then the problem is probably with the coordinate (the image is considered outside of the map extent), maybe.
The size shouldn't be a problem, mapserver can easily use images of 100Mb and more.

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  Dear all,
  I have different raster images (jpg, TIF, tif and png) which i would like to use as keymap and background layers. In the case of keymap, they dont render to the size i set, instead covering the whole screen, why is that. Even using the metadata and forcing conversion to JPEG, i still cant render rasters as background layers. Is it something about their coordinates, is it they size (are they too heavy, they are not more than 10,000kb).
  Thanks for advice
  Broun Uganda

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