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veroh at bluewin.ch veroh at bluewin.ch
Sun May 6 12:19:54 EDT 2007

Oups, sorry, I forgot about the english language. So here is the 

I got a problem of printing in pdf at the scale I decided.

I add the resolution 96 in my map file as this is the resolution of 
my PC.

Then on the files where I have to declare predefined scales, well I 
did it (1:500, 1:1000 and so on)

Then I added the exportPdf.ini and decided there that I wanted to 
print at three different scales (1:500, 1:1000 et 1:2500) and with 
three different resolution 96,150,300.

Well, if I then go on my project and say, let's print this 
beautiful (yes yes yes) map on the 1:500 or 1:1'000 or even 1:2500 
scale (I must add that I use the rotate mode) and let's choose the 96 
dpi resolution. Well no problemo. I got the scaleval (printed on the 
top) saying proudly 1:500. But then, I decided to print with a higher 
resolution and the my scaleval (and the scale of my all pdf file) is 
then no more 1:500 but 1:(500*150/96) or 1:(500*300/96) and this is 
not what I want.

I looked at the different discussions already so I saw the stuff 
about adding the resolution in the map file but what else do I need 
to do ?


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