[Cartoweb-users] calling id_recenter from search plugin

WochteR wochter at seznam.cz
Wed May 9 11:07:53 EDT 2007

I have troubles with recentering an object.
Plugin search works fine, but when I clicked on result I obtain this issue:


Class : SoapFaultWrapper
Message : MapServer error: Error in msDrawMap(): Failed to draw layer named 'zastavba'.

Error in prepare_database(): Error executing POSTGIS DECLARE (the actual query) statement: 'DECLARE mycursor BINARY CURSOR FOR SELECT vyznamnost::text,gid::text,asbinary(force_collection(force_2d(the_geom)),'NDR'),gid::text from kzarovce_zastavba WHERE (gid = 'gid IN (620)') and (the_geom && setSRID( 'BOX3D(-469330.214285714 -1273120,-464958.785714286 -1270060)'::BOX3D,find_srid('','kzarovce_zastavba','the_geom') ))' 

Postgresql reports the error as 'ERROR:  invalid input syntax for integer: "gid IN (620)"

More Help:

Error with POSTGIS data variable. You specified '<check your .map file>'.
Standard ways of specifiying are : 
(1) 'geometry_column from geometry_table' 
(2) 'geometry_column from (<sub query>) as foo using unique <column name> using SRID=<srid#>' 
Make sure you put in the 'using unique  <column name>' and 'using SRID=#' clauses in.

It is very mysterious, because on my laptop it works good.
This issue is displayed from server where I moved working cartoweb project.
Need I change anything in php.ini or something else?
I don't know what to do...

Thanx for advice


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