[Cartoweb-users] PDF export with custom fields

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Thu May 10 07:54:28 EDT 2007


add the new inputs into the HTML template just as it's done for pdfTitle 
and pdfNote (see exportPdf/templates/form.tpl).
The naming convention for the new form inputs is:
- capitalize the first letter of the field name
- add the prefix "pdf" in front of it
For instance:
title => pdfTitle
note => pdfNote
foobar => pdfFoobar


Dirk Jesko wrote:
> Hello,
> in addition to the title and note, I would like to add three fields to 
> an exported pdf. The user shall be able to type in the text that shall 
> appear via the GUI. I managed to add the fields to the pdf by adding 
> them to the general.activatedBlocks in exportPdf.ini. But how do I link 
> them to the GUI, i.e. how do I reference them within the template?
> Kind regards,
> Dirk
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