[Cartoweb-users] PDF export with custom fields

Dirk Jesko ml.dje at geocontent.de
Mon May 14 04:00:56 EDT 2007

Hello Alexandre,

that works. Thanks. However, I was thinking about a more general 
solution. Without much success, I admit. The only solution that I see is 
to add another parameter to blocks in the ini file. This would provide 
information about, whether the block has a connection to a field or not. 
I can not see any way to decide this automatically. Do you have any 
other ideas?

There is another issue, this time on the JavaScript side. Maybe you can 
give me another hint. If the "rotate version" of the GUI is used, the 
browser fails to draw the preview rectangle if the map scale is much 
larger than the desired printing scale. The reason is the size of the 
rectangle. For example, if the map scale is 1:2.000 and the printing 
scale is set to 1:500.000, the browser usually hangs. I think the best 
way would be to restrict the available scales in the pdf form depending 
on the current map scale. Any idea, how this could be achieved (with and 
without Ajax)?


> I guess you're right. noteA and noteB should be part of the 
> $optionalInputs field to be handled the same way title and note are.
> If you already have extended the exportPdf plugin in your project, I 
> would suggest to override the ClientExportPdf::$optionalInputs 
> property in order to add your new fields to the inital array.
> (see ClientExportPdf.php l.80-81)
> Dirk Jesko wrote:
>> Hello,
>> hmm. I can't get it to work. Below I copied an excerpt from 
>> exportPdf.ini and the corresponding part from the template. Now, the 
>> initial content defined in the ini file for the blocks "title" and 
>> "note" are displayed in the corresponding form fields, but the fields 
>> for "noteA" and "noteB" are empty. Further, any text typed into the 
>> input fields for "title" or "note" appears on the generated pdf, but 
>> the text typed into the fields "pdfNoteA" and "pdfNoteB" is ignored. 
>> Instead, the generated blocks for noteA and noteB contain the strings 
>> defined in the ini file. If I add {if $pdfNoteA}{/if} resp. {if 
>> $pdfNoteB}{/if} around the corresponding parts of the template, the 
>> input fields aren't displayed at all.
>> Although, I did some debugging of the ClientExportPdf class, I could 
>> not find out, why the blocks are not handled correctly. My best guess 
>> would be the fact that the two additional fields ('noteA' and 
>> 'noteB') are not added to the $optionalInputs field. The 
>> drawUserForm() function on the other hand only assigns fields that 
>> are defined in $optionalInputs to smarty-variables. Maybe, other 
>> functions depend on it too.
>> Regards,
>> Dirk

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