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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed May 23 07:50:48 EDT 2007

in your cartoclient.tpl, you have
<ul class="tabnav" id="tabnav1">
    <li id="label1"><a href="javascript:ontop(1)">{t}Navigation{/t}</a></li>
    <li id="label2">...</li>
and after that
<div id="folder1" class="folder">
<div id="folder2" class="folder">

for each <li id="label#"> , there is a corresponding <div id="folder#">

simply add a new <li> and a new <div> and be careful that both have the same 
also there must not have any hole in the numbering: if you have 5 folders, 
the next one will be 6 (for example)


> Hi List!
> I am working on the Seaching.
> I think every cartoweb programmer knows about the tabs on the demoproject 
> how
> they appear and nevigated.
> Tabs like Nevigation, layers reorder, Outline, Themes and Search.
> My Search tab appears under the Themes tab. I want it be inline with all 
> other
> tabs.
> How do succeed doing it?
> Your help is fully appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Andreas Mtota
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