[Cartoweb-users] problem on production server

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Oct 4 03:16:28 EDT 2007

did you receive any information/documentation when you registered your account on Micro Resources hosting service ?
if yes, what kind of access do they allow to their server? ftp? shell? other?
do they already have Cartoweb installed or do you need to install it yourself?


  hello there...i`m newbie cartowebber.....actually i've done make a great apps by cartoweb run on my localhost...but the problem is i dont know how to upload to my server.....there's no one documentation tell about that....is it i need copy all the cartoweb3 folder to (www) on my server?.....so how about setup script....how could i run the setup script when them on server.....is it ok if i just run from my local pc.....please help me....i've tried copy at all.....and change the cartobaseurl on client ini to my server path url.....but what i got....is a blank page......the demo also only blank page...i really dont know what the problem.....can someone help me.....for your information...i'm using cartoweb 3.4.....

  my server spec:
  -gisalaska.com by Micro Resources: http://mrcc.com 
  -server API - apache 2.0 handler
  -PHP version 5.2.0-8+etch7
  -support latest mapserver mapscript


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