[Cartoweb-users] max number of folders and icons

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Oct 15 08:42:51 EDT 2007


the problem is the folder system was never intended to handle more than 9 
folder so the javascript only look for one number
if you need more than 10 folder, you will need to modify a bit the number 
parsing in the folder.js javascript so it can handle two numbers instead of 

as for putting an image inside, thats certainly possible. If im not wrong, 
you dont need to change anything in the javascript for that, simply add the 
<img .. element in the <a element (if you want it clickable).


> Hi,
> I wrote the 10th plugin and in cartoclient.tpl I've added the code to 
> manage
> the folder, but after recompiling the project I note that the plugin 
> folder
> (as button, text area and so on) have been added under the first one
> (Themes) . It seems that lable10 has been red as label1. I've solved the
> issues by naming the label10 as label0 so I've the following situation:
>        <li id="label1"><a 
> href="javascript:ontop(1)">{t}Themes{/t}</a></li>
>        <li id="label2"><a href="javascript:ontop(2)">{t}Print{/t}</a></li>
>        <li id="label3"><a
> href="javascript:ontop(3)">{t}Outline{/t}</a></li>
>        <li id="label4"><a
> href="javascript:ontop(4)">{t}Buildings{/t}</a></li>
> <li id="label5"><a href="javascript:ontop(5)">{t}Query{/t}</a></li>
>        <li id="label6"><a href="javascript:ontop(6)">{t}Help
> Viewer{/t}</a></li>
>        <li id="label7"><a
> href="javascript:ontop(7)">{t}Railroads{/t}</a></li>
>        <li id="label8"><a 
> href="javascript:ontop(8)">{t}Layers{/t}</a></li>
>        <li id="label9"><a
> href="javascript:ontop(9)">{t}Funtains{/t}</a></li>
>        <li id="label0"><a
> href="javascript:ontop(0)">{t}Monuments{/t}</a></li>
>      </ul>
> Now everything is OK but if I want to add another one how can I do ?
> In order to put some cosmetics, is there a way to add an icon by the name 
> of
> the folder ?
> Thanks in advance and best regards
> Giu
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