[Cartoweb-users] encoding in pdfExport

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Oct 15 09:01:52 EDT 2007


it seems fpdf is a bit limited with "non-standard" characters and need some 
tweaking to reproduce these characters correctly.
there is some infos on the fpdf tutorial 
somehow, simply adding a
 and$pdf->SetFont(''some_font_name','',35);when adding the text block should 
solve the problem
but I havent yet looked exactly where in the plugin this should be done.

I also noticed there is an utf8 extension for fpdf, but I dont know if it 
would be difficult to use it:


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> Hi,
> I use Slovak language in exportPdf module.
> But this is bad interpreted.
> For example names of layers in legend
>  (names comes from mapfile - CLASS  NAME)
> or own text blocks
>  (strings are defined by blocks.myblock.content = "ľščťžýá")
> some of our characters are interpreted by "?"
> Is there any setting for encoding (charset) please?
> I use utf8 everywhere.
> And the second question...
> Is it possible to disable any layer for printing (exportPdf) ?
> Thank you
> wochter
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