[Cartoweb-users] Omit layers from PDF legend

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
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i think you can unselect layer from the legend block by simply writing their id (the layer id is what you used in the layers.ini file) with a "!" in front.

so, for example with the demoCW3, you have the layers "road" and "icelan" defined in the layers.ini and you dont want them to be listed in the legend, you write
blocks.legend.content = "!road, !iceland"(dont forget to remove the ; at the front of the line!)regardsOliver----- Original Message ----- 
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  I would like to omit some layers from appearing on the PDF ledged. I noticed that in the ClientExportPdf.php file, there is a note that ‘layers whose ids begin with "!" are not displayed’. Am I on the right track with this? What is a layers ‘layer id’? 

  I have also noticed that the PDF legend is using the Layers.example.children =  examplename as the name for the layer in the legend in my layers.ini file. 

  Thank you for the help, Ben


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