[Cartoweb-users] ObjectRecenter from search plugin

wochter wochter at seznam.cz
Tue Sep 4 06:27:50 EDT 2007

I upgraded cartoweb from cvs and now I obtain this issue, when I want to
    display searched object on map.
I use function ObjectRecenter in Search.ajax.js

function ObjectRecenter(Layer,Id) {

    $('id_recenter_layer').value = Layer;
    $('id_recenter_ids').value = Id;


It worked good before upgrade.

Hehe is the issue:


Class : SoapFaultWrapper
Message : MapServer error: Error in msDrawMap(): Failed to draw layer
named 'zastavba'.

Error in prepare_database(): Error executing POSTGIS DECLARE (the actual
query) statement: 'DECLARE mycursor BINARY CURSOR FOR SELECT
from rovce_zastavba WHERE (gid IN ) and (the_geom && setSRID(
'BOX3D(-469330.214285714 -1273120,-464958.785714286
-1270060)'::BOX3D,find_srid('','rovce_zastavba','the_geom') ))'

Postgresql reports the error as 'CHYBA:  syntaktická chyba pri alebo v
blízkosti ")"
LINE 1: ...),gid::text from rovce_zastavba WHERE (gid IN ) and (the...

Could you help me please?



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