[Cartoweb-users] Is there anyone that has the mapOverlay working?

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Sep 13 03:48:37 EDT 2007


sorry for the lack of documentation of mapOverlay, but between the example given and actually looking inside the code of the plugin, there should be plenty enough info.

about HowToReturnDataFromServer, you dont need to use wsdl unless you are using Cartoweb in SOAP mode, which I dont think is the case. This doesnt apply in direct mode.

you only need to delare a class and corresponding object in the common part.

there are 2 classes, one for the client->server request, and one for the server->client answer
class YourpluginRequest and YourpluginResult, 
and they contain the definition of the object you pass from client to server and server to client, 
respectively the object returned by the function buildRequest() on client side and the object returned by one of the functions on server side (it depends which function are used in your plugin)

have a look at existing plugin code, the outline plugin is a good example

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  Hello list,

  I am trying to get the mapOverlay function working in my plugin to add new layers to the map. But:

  - mapOverlay is not documented in relation to direct implementation, there are just code snippets.
  - HowToReturnDataFromServer describes the interaction between client and server and mentions wsdl and common without describing a real example.

  Is there a way that we can contribute to the user documentation? Please? 

  I am getting desperate as I get the feeling that I cannot fullfill my clients wishes with cartoweb, I am already seriously thinking about moving to sharpmap.....


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