[Cartoweb-users] virtuale scale and real scale

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Thu Sep 13 16:48:12 EDT 2007

Hi Oliver,
I've pointed that when
I put the scale to 1000 (or 1/1000), in the map 1 mm is egual to 1 meter,
well, if I print the map and I try to measure it by using a real line I see
that the map is stretched.
I don't know if it is only my experence. Please, try to print a Map after
setting the scale to a normalized value as for example 1/1000, now on your
paper try to measure a distance by using a line: the number of n millimeters
should correspond to n meters, but the line will measure a different number
of millimeters 


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> Hi
> the scale image is directly generated by mapserver and depend directly
> the setting set in the mapfile. I sadely dont know if one can can what you

> want to do, maybe ask in the mapserver mailinglist ?
> > Onother problem that I have pointed, consists on if I set the scale to 
> > 1000
> > I should have the relation: 1 mm -> 1 meter but if I use a line on the
> > printing I get, there is not that relation but there is a liner factor
> > (about
> > 0.78) that I have to use in order to have the right phisical
> > I
> > get the print by recalling the png generated image.
> > The convertion factor is a function of the size of the map.
> > This is for me a great target becouse I'd like to use the map I print as
> > measurement tool.
> > Thanks to everybody can explain me the item.
> since the scale image and the map image have corresponding scale, why
> it be different when it's displayed on screen and when printed ?
> maybe I haven't correctly understood your problem
> regards
> Oliver 
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