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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Sep 14 08:44:05 EDT 2007

err, if the red outline in the keymap is incorrect, then you have wrong bbox values for the keymap definition in the mapfile, I think

as for the map size, the x/y are set in images.ini config file, simply set the values you want

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  Thanks for the reply Oliver,

  I want to extend the map boundary 'downwards' (if that is possible) so that i end up with a 'Portrait' format map window instead of a 'Landscape' format map window since my keymap is rectangular whereas the map is currently landscape format so when you click in the 'keymap' the RED box does not correspond accurately to the mainmap window. Where can these settings be changed (in the ' template.tpl' perhaps or the 'cartoweb.css' files)?.



  On 14/09/2007, Oliver Christen <oliver.christen at camptocamp.com> wrote: 
    im sorry, I dont understand what you want to do


      If I need to change the Map Bounding Box by adding depth to the bottom edge of the window and to change the shape to Portrait instead of Landscape, how best can I do this?.

      Can I make the Map Window fit the XMAX, YMAX, YMIN, YMIN of my raster image co-ordinates?

      Paul J. Shapley 


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