[Cartoweb-users] fullextent / default location

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Sep 25 08:38:30 EDT 2007

the fullextent tool use the initialMapStates bbox data

$this->fullExtent = 

if you want to change this behaviour, you need to extend the location plugin

im not sure but I think you can simply modify the handleInit function with
$this->fullExtent = $locationInit->fullExtent;
instead of
$this->fullExtent = 

if this doesnt work, you can try to add a new parameter in the location.ini 
file with the real full extent, that way you can simply use it like this in 
function handleFullExtent:

$bboxRequest->bbox = $this->getConfig()->realFullExtent;
( realFullExtent being the new param in config )
instead of the existing
$bboxRequest->bbox = $this->fullExtent;


> Hi,
> at startup I use the location:
> mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.location.bbox = 
> "-428123, -1234269, -410497, -1221931"
> (In mapfile is defined bigger location.)
> The problem is fullextent tool doesn't use full extent, but this default 
> location.
> How can I set it please?
> Thank you
> wochter
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