[Cartoweb-users] Zooming in even when it should zoom out

Loic Devaux devloic at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 15:39:35 EDT 2007

This happened to me too when I disabled some tool in toolbar.tpl instead of
disabling it with a negative weight in the ini file .

var elt = xGetElementById(cw3_tools[i] + '_icon');
if(elt == null) return;

in setActiveToolButton function in  carto.js couldn't find the "cw3_tools[i]
+ '_icon'" element so the loop breaked and the active tool stayed on zoomin.

Maybe you can check "cw3_tools = new Array" in the rendered html to find out
which tool causes the problem or make step by step debug with firebug.


On 9/26/07, Milo van der Linden <mlinden at zeelandnet.nl> wrote:
>  Hello list,
> I am having a small problem. My Cartoweb keeps zooming in, even when it
> should zoom out.
> Any idea?
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