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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
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the edit plugin do not use the DATA string to generate the sql for select/insert/update/delete, it use the various 'edit_*' parameters.
the sql itself is generated in file ServerEdit.php.
you need to extend the server part of the edit plugin if you want to modify the way the sql is generated so you can get and modify the data from different tables.
see http://www.cartoweb.org/doc_head/docbook/xhtml/dev.newplugin.html#dev.newplugin.adapting.extending (sound complicated but it's fairly simple)

another possbility would be to use a postgres "view" containing the aggregated data of the different tables. The only problem is by default a "view" is readonly, though the postgres documentation say it is possible to add "rules" on the "view" to generate the corresponding action on the parent tables. 
I havent tried that myself.


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  I have a little question on the edit plugin.
  My layer to edit is part of a database. I would like to edit some attributes wich are part of other tables (non geographic) while I'm editing my geographic layer.
  Is this possible?

  I tried with a query in the mapfile  which join the tables, but I can't edit the attributes which aren't in the table corresponding to the layer I am editing.

  This is my mapfile:
      NAME "evenements"
      TEMPLATE 'ttt'
      CONNECTION 'dbname=crises_route user=myuser password=mypassword host=localhost'
      DATA "geo FROM (SELECT geo,evenements.id_ev,type_ev FROM evenements JOIN type_ev ON evenements.id_ev = type_ev.id_type_ev) as foo USING UNIQUE id_ev USING SRID = 27573"     
          NAME "inondation"
              COLOR 204 51 204
          'id_attribute_string' 'evenements.id_ev'    
          'query_returned_attributes' 'evenements.id_ev type_ev description'
          'edit_table' 'evenements' # PostGIS table
          'edit_geometry_column' 'geo' # PostGIS geometry column
          'edit_geometry_type' 'point' # PostGIS geometry type
          'edit_srid' '27573'
          'edit_attributes' 'evenements.id_ev,type_ev|string,description|string' # list of the editable 

   also tried the query: DATA "geo FROM (SELECT geo,evenements.id_ev,type_ev FROM evenements, type_ev WHERE evenements.id_ev = type_ev.id_type_ev) as foo USING UNIQUE id_ev USING SRID = 27573"
  But this creates an error message which says:

Postgresql reports the error as 'ERREUR:  find_srid() - couldnt find the corresponding SRID - is the geometry registered in the GEOMETRY_COLUMNS table?  Is there an uppercase/lowercase missmatch?But my SRID is the same in my mapfile and my database!!!

  Thank you for the help.


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