[Cartoweb-users] ToolTips and layer of points

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Aug 7 04:41:51 EDT 2008

well, if pluginOutput.variable is undefined it means what the tooltips 
plugin returned is wrong or it crashed somehow.

first, in Firefox, enable Firebug. Select the "Net" menu and in the Options 
(on the right) be sure "Disable network monitoring" is NOT activated.
then select the "Concole" menu.
In Cartoweb, move the mouse over a tooltips point. In Firebug's console you 
should see a POST http://something...
Clic on the [+] and you see now 4 menus: Params, Header, Post, Response.
In response you can see the raw data returned from Cartoweb.
Look for <pluginResponse><plugin name="tooltips">
you can already see if it returned something and if what it returned look 
correct or not.

Then you need to find out why the query done in the tooltips plugin didnt 
returned what you expected.
Usualy it's because the query sql is wrong.
The sql query is done in QueryableLayer.php, just add some debug there to 
see whats going on: is the sql query ok? is the response as expected?


> Hi list,
> I'd like to ask...
> Does ToolTips work with layer type POINT?
> When I activate point layer I obtained this issue:
> Updating GUI for plugin Tables
> AjaxHandler.updateDomElement(): Updating tables_result element's 
> innerHTML's value...
> Updating GUI for plugin ToolTips
> Error: An error occured in Plugins ToolTips
> Error: Message:
> TypeError:
> pluginOutput.variable is undefined
> in file:
> on line:
> 188
> Tahnx
> wochter
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