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Νικος Παπαδάκης nipapada at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 13:01:05 EDT 2008

O/H Oliver Christen έγραψε:
> Hi
> did you have a look at the tutorial available on cartoweb's wiki?
> http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/Foss4g06Workshops
> some of the paths are not up to date (old windows version) but 
> otherwise all the example and instructions should be ok to handle a 
> project and a basic template.
> if you have specific error message you need help with, post the whole 
> error message.
> regards
> Oliver
>> Hello to everyone!!!
>> I am trying to find out how i can write a very simple template
>> for a very simple project.
>> All i want to do is render a map!
>> I have the mapfile but i get some errors than probably relate with 
>> the built-in templates
>> cartoweb uses.
>> Can anybody give me some information on creating a template?
>> Where do i have to put this?
>> Thank you very much!
>> Nikos Papadakis.
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>> http://lists.maptools.org/mailman/listinfo/cartoweb-users
Well i took a look in http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/Foss4g06Workshops 
but this example doesn't say anything on
how to write my template from the beginning!
I try to read the cartoclient.tpl but i get lost in it!
Anyway.If i keep cartoclient.tpl unchanged and run my project i get the 
following message:

*Fatal error*: [MapServer Error]: msImageLoadGD(): ((null)) in 
*C:\ms4w\apps\cartoweb3\coreplugins\images\server\ServerImages.php* on 
line *290

*I would realy appreciate some help on this!
Thank you very much for your time!
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