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Jady jadychow at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 00:40:19 EDT 2008

Hi Bruno and Alexandre,

Thank you very much for your assistance.

1)   I discovered a strange behaviour in my outline plugin.  After I
finished drawing the first outline feature and input the feature label:
          i)  if I press 'Enter' the whole browser is refreshed
automatically and the Export Dxf button is shown.  (this is fine)
          ii) But if i click the 'ok' button in the label input form instead
of pressing 'Enter', only the map and the outline folder are refreshed
(instead of reloading the whole page) but the Export Dxf button is still not
shown (and also the outline toolbar on top of the outline folder disappear
and the alignment of the content inside the outline folder shifted from
Center to Left)
          iii) if I draw the first feature with pressing 'ok' button after
label input, and then draw the second feature but finish by pressing
'Enter', the first feature will disappear and the Export Dxf button is

2)       i)  After pressing the 'ok' button, the jstrace debugger said :
Updating GUI for plugin ExportDxf
Warning: AjaxHandler.handlePluginReponse(): object AjaxPlugins.ExportDxf not
found. AJAX response processing will be ignored for this plugin."
          ii) if doing the case (iii) mentioned above, the jstrace debugger
said :
Updating GUI for plugin ExportDxf
AjaxHandler.updateDomElement(): Updating exportDxfContainer element's
innerHTML's value...
Warning: given element (exportDxfContainer) was not found in the DOM!
          iii) after pressing the Export Dxf button, my browser (IE)
returned an error saying "object is needed" and pointing to the line after
"<fieldset class="outl"><legend>Point</legend>"

I have run the demoPlugins project in my setup and it works without any
problem but I just cant figure out whats the difference in configuration
between my project and the demoPlugins.

Thank you

Bruno Friedmann-2 wrote:
> Jady wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am using CartoWeb 3.4 and have set up the outline plugin, but failed to
>> make the exportDxf plugin work.
>> Here is what I have set for the exportDxf plugin:
>> 1)   loaded the exportDxf plugin in my client.ini file
>> 2)   configured the exportDxf.ini file in my client_conf folder as
>> described
>> in the manual
>> 3)   included "<div id="exportDxfContainer">{$exportDxf}</div>" in my
>> cartoclient.tpl
>> The problems are:
>> 1)   the Export Dxf button is not shown untill some outline features are
>> drawn and the browser is refreshed
> That's what the dxf export : read the doc ... dxf can only export outline
> (and if I remenber well also editPart)
>> 2)   after the Export Dxf button is shown, nothing happen after clicking
>> it,
>> i.e. no export action is performed
> did you receive any trace messages ( firebug, and or inside debug monitor
> )?
>> Have I missed any settings?  Thank you very much for any help in
>> advanced.
>> Regards,
>> Jady
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