[Cartoweb-users] mapOverlay

Lauber Christoph ch.lauber at geo-thun.ch
Thu Jun 5 04:45:32 EDT 2008

hi list

i developed a plugin using mapOverlay to approve data individually to users. that works great for drawn layers. but i got a queryable layer for user information on surveying plans and there the query result is shown even if the data is not drawn.

the test i made:
when i replace the layer in the original mapfile by the created layer of the plugin (from debugging map) and i deactivate the plugin, everything works like it should. that means that the data is not drawn and no query result is returned.

are these two cases not contradictory? any idea how i can solve the problem?

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Christoph Lauber

Dütschler & Naegeli, Vermessung+Geoinformation AG
Fliederweg 11, Postfach, 3601 Thun

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