[Cartoweb-users] WFS query by ID

Peter at Optex peter.judd at optex.nb.ca
Thu Jun 5 07:45:15 EDT 2008


  We are currently using cartoweb to implementing a GIS. One of the layers that we 
are working with is currently in a Postgres database table. We are currently performing 
querying and searching using a feature ID which is working. 

  We have been asked to move the data for the layer to another server and access the layer 
as a WFS. When we do this we get an "Layer to centre on has an unsupported connection 
type" error in the "queryByIdSelection" call in "ServerMapquery.php" file. What are our 
options for getting the querying and searches working for this layer as a WFS connection. 
Thanks in advance for your help.

   We are running cartoweb on Windows XP with ms4w.
Peter Judd 
Optex	(Software development)
301 Woodstock Rd.
Tel 506-444-8121	Fax  506-444-8125
Fredericton, N.B.                     
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