[Cartoweb-users] list in cartoweb HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Giovanni Virdis g.virdis at riteco.it
Tue Jun 10 04:46:50 EDT 2008

Can someonehelp me . I post  my answer many times but nobody help me. Please I'm new and I need help



if is possibile i want populate the select item from db. I have modify the dhtmlEdit.js file to show a select item with a fix value


var authorisedOptionsList = new Array(1, 2, 3);

var authorisedOptionsListLabel = new Array('Strutture pubbliche', 'Strutture per il commercio', 'Strutture militari');


How i can populate this item  by db select?

 Is possible chanche the value of second select item when I change the value of first select item ?



1° Select value:


1, 'America'
2, 'Europa'

3, 'Asia'

4, 'Oceania'

5, 'Africa'


2° Select value:


1, 'Giappone'
2, 'Cina'
3, 'Mongolia'
4, 'Stati Uniti'
5, 'Canada'
6, 'Messico'
7, 'Italia'
8, 'Spagna'



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