[Cartoweb-users] Populate a drop down listbox

Giovanni Virdis g.virdis at riteco.it
Mon Jun 16 11:28:31 EDT 2008



I post a question on drop down list box but nobody has answered to me.

Is possible know if someone has already faced the problem?


When I draw a new polygon I create (in dhtmledit.js) the table with two
drop down list.


var input = xCreateElement("select");

input.name = "edit_feature_" + aFeature.id + "[" +
this.editAttributeNames[i] + "]" 


Now I must populate the second list with the value relative to the value
select in the first list.

I have create the onchange function for the first list and it's ok but
when I get the second list I have en error and the var is undefined


var input = eval("myform['edit_feature_" + aFeature.id + "[




Please can someone help me??



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