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please ask your support question on the USER mailinglist (cartoweb-users at lists.maptools.org)
the dev mailing list is only intended if you would like to participate to correction/modification/improvement of the core code of Cartoweb

I would say the easiest would be to use a postgres/postgis layer and set the data sql query dynamicaly via a new plugin, using either the mapOverlay plugin or mapscript directly if you feel like it.

Your plugin would only need client->server action so you can pretty much use the existing example available on the wiki: http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/HowToDisplayOnTheMapAPointFromADatabaseQuery
the action of that example plugin is obviously different, but the global structure and logic is the same.

also search the mailinglist for the multiple questions regarding mapOverlay usage, there was a lot of answer about that already.


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  I would like to integrate a specific feature to my Cartoweb project: In an own folder (like "layers", "export pdf" etc.), there should be three dropdown choice fields - one for year, one for month and one for day. By selecting an arbitrary date, a request should be formulated and ask for a raster file named after the date located in a database. This raster file will automatically be depicted in the map. Concretely, climate data maps (temperature, precipitation, snow) shall be queried and displayed according to the user's requirements.


  How could this be managed in Cartoweb? By adapting an existing Plugin, e.g. Search or Routing? Is there some experience from a similar project which I could get the script files from?


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