[Cartoweb-users] Geostat update menu without updating map

Albert Casanovas casanovas at k2sistemas.com.br
Mon Jun 23 15:22:58 EDT 2008


I am working with the cloropleth plugin, I have not worked a lot with AJAX. At the moment I need to update the interface SELECTS as a cascade without updating the map until the last SELECT is chosen. Looking at the following Geostat.ajax.js file seems that updating the menu updates the Map also.

AjaxPlugins.Geostat.Actions = {};

AjaxPlugins.Geostat.Actions.UpdateMenu =
AjaxPlugins.Geostat.Actions.UpdateMap =
AjaxPlugins.Geostat.Actions.UpdateAll = {
    buildPostRequest: function(argObject) {
        return AjaxHandler.buildPostRequest();
    onBeforeAjaxCall: function(argObject) {
    onAfterAjaxCall: function(argObject) {

I have done several modifications but the error stays. Could you please give me an advise or suggestion about how show it look like if I do want to UpdateMap only with the UpdateAll option?

Best Regards,
Albert Casanovas
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