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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
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It would be probably easier if you do it in 3 steps.
first, use a tableRule to add a new column to the query result, in this new column you put some ckeckbox or button allowing the user to select the object
then make a new plugin which will be triggered by the input in the query result and will then insert in ppc_esposti the data of the selected geometry
thirdly, you need to extend the edit plugin so you can define on-the-fly the DATA via mapOverlay or phpMapscript and directly select a tool and the related layer.
setting the DATA of the layer is relatively easy (plenty of example already posted in the mailinglist) but Im not sure the edit plugin can be modified to show immediatly a layer with a tool activated without some rewrite of the plugin logic.

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  Hi list,


  I have two table in my postgis db:


  Edifici and ppc_esposti


  In the table Edifici there are the some record

  The table ppc_esposti is empty


  I want configure my application (maybe .map file) to work in this mode:


  Show the layer whit the record of table edifice

  When the user select the geometry after confirmation the system insert a new record in ppc_esposti table with the reference of the selected row of edifici table (ppc_esposti contain an filed that refernce to id of edifice).

  The system show the edit table with the value of ppc_esposti 

  The user insert a value and save

  The system insert into ppc_esposti the data insert from user








  1           xxxxxx

  2          yyyyyyy

  3          zzzzzzz




  ID         ID_EDI    TIPOLOGIA


  1          1          SCUOLA         

  2          1          ALIMENTARI

  3          2          CAMPO SPORTIVO

  4          3          COMUNE


  So the geometry is in the edifici table and in the ppc_esposti table there are the reference of edifice and others data..


  Can someone help me?




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