[Cartoweb-users] Project setup.

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Jun 27 01:36:05 EDT 2008


you must execute this command from the root folder of cartoweb, ie: 
C:\ms4w\apps\cartoweb3, not from Apache\cgi-bin
" Error message: Looks like we are not inside a cartoweb3 directory "

cw3setup.php --install --base-url 
http://localhost/cartoweb3/htdocs --project foss4g

please read the various Notes in 


> Hello.
> I try to setup a project by writing in command prompt
> C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin>php.exe 
> C:\ms4w\apps\cartoweb3\cw3setup.php --install --b
> ase-url http://localhost/cartoweb3/htdocs --project foss4g
> But then i receive the following error message...
> installing
> Error during installation:
> ==========================
> The installation process encountered an error and was aborted.
> See the message below for an explanation of the problem.
> If you want more information to find out the problem, try again with 
> the --debug
> parameter.
> If you think you found a bug in the installer or want support,
> mail cartoweb-users at lists.maptools.org with the full output
> of the installer launched with the --debug parameter.
> Error message: Looks like we are not inside a cartoweb3 directory
> Installation aborted
> I checked all paths but i cant find the mistake...
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