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guillaume champlong goutosig at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 27 05:15:11 EDT 2008

yes, the same error remains with the default template

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 DIV {
if you temporarily replace your template by the default 
template, do you still have this error ?
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    hi all,

I'm working on CW3.4 on 
When I activate my bboxHistory 
  plugin in the client.ini file, I am returned this error:

Class : CartocommonException
Message : Error [8, Undefined property:  stdClass::$history, /var/www/html/cartoweb3/plugins/bboxHistory/client/ClientBboxHistory.php, 186]

file: 186 -
call: Common::cartowebErrorHandler(8, "Undefined property:  stdClass::$history", "/var/www/html/cartoweb3/plugins/bboxHistory/client/ClientBboxHis...", 186, Array(3))

file: 265 - /var/www/html/cartoweb3/client/ClientPluginHelper.php
call: ClientBboxHistory->initializeResult(Null)

call: ServerCallerHelper->initializeResultHelper(Object(ClientBboxHistory), Object(MapResult))

file: 267 - /var/www/html/cartoweb3/common/PluginManager.php
call: call_user_func_array(Array(2), Array(2))

file: 320 - /var/www/html/cartoweb3/common/PluginManager.php
call: PluginManager->callPluginImplementing(Object(ClientBboxHistory), "ServerCaller", "initializeResult", Array(1))

file: 712 - /var/www/html/cartoweb3/client/Cartoclient.php
call: PluginManager->callEnabledPluginsImplementing(2, "ServerCaller",
 "initializeResult", Array(1))

file: 1098 - /var/www/html/cartoweb3/client/Cartoclient.php
call: Cartoclient->callEnabledPluginsImplementing(2, "ServerCaller", "initializeResult", Object(MapResult))

file: 1261 - /var/www/html/cartoweb3/client/Cartoclient.php
call: Cartoclient->doMain()

file: 33 - /var/www/html/cartoweb3/htdocs/client.php
call: Cartoclient->main()

file: 3 - /var/www/html/cartoweb3/htdocs/historical_atlas_culture.php
call: require_once("/var/www/html/cartoweb3/htdocs/client.php")

My template is based on the   demoCW3 project with some modifications, but my bboxHistory form is still in   the div 'content' and in the table 'mapframe'.

any   idea?



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