[Cartoweb-users] Make a plugin that show images from db

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
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I can only give you some examples of code which you can get inspiration from.

for an example of plugin that recover the clic on map, see http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/HowToGetXYCoordinatesOnClick
this plugin return a simple message (...addMessage...) but you can query a database instead, see the "locate" plugin for example of database query. there are several other plugin also doing database queries.
to display the image, I would say the easiest way would be to make your plugin use ajax, so you can recover the image and open it easily via a javascript popup.
read the doc http://www.cartoweb.org/doc/cw3.5/xhtml/user.ajax.html and you have examples in pretty much all plugins in Cartoweb.


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  Hello, I try to make a plugin that query the DB by sending the points from the map and show the corresponding image of the point in a diferent page, please someone that can helpme, I'm new user sorry for my english.

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