[Cartoweb-users] Automatic layer select

Lauber Christoph ch.lauber at geo-thun.ch
Tue Nov 25 09:36:55 EST 2008

Hi list

I intend to introduce switches in my project. Now I would like to select/deselect layers depending on the switch I choose. It's not possible to preselect them all in the server_conf/my_project/my_project.ini file. 

The only idea I have up to now is to write a filter plugin that generates the layers list in the filterPostRequest method. Are there any better ideas or implementations?

Thanks for hints and ideas

By the way: I still can't search the archive of cartoweb-users on lists.maptools.org. I don't get any results. Is this known? Or how do you search the archive?

Christoph Lauber

Dütschler & Naegeli, Vermessung+Geoinformation AG
Fliederweg 11, Postfach, 3601 Thun

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